Performers love Generation Women

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A fantastic opportunity to leave the house and hear women from diverse backgrounds with a range of different experiences tell their stories. A heart warming, heart breaking, funny and deeply moving night out. Would highly recommend getting to one of these events at least once in your lifetime! Elaine is also a brilliant facilitator and host. She’ll make you laugh until you can’t breathe no more. Thoroughly enjoyed speaking earlier this year and can’t wait to attend in 2019.
— Chika Ikogwe, actor
The Generation Women storytelling nights are a whole body experience, travelling with a group of people through the stories of women. The night is funny, relatable and deeply moving, it is such a gift to share space and listen to women of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, orientations. I shared a story this year, and have been going to the events since. Held brilliantly and poetically by the Generation Women Sydney team. Must, must, must go!
— Georgia Grace, educator & coach

I love gen women, for me its a night thats an undying learning curve, a time for empathy, for subtle communion, and mutual respect between audience and speaker, walls fall down as we by turns laugh and cry as a pack in the shoes of another. Female isolation becomes dormant for a bit on these nights; theres inclusivity, diversity, laughter, praise and a tonne of meaty-cheesy-corny-fawning love and you are reminded of what a life force we are, and that incredible conversations and things turn and churn within when we are honest about what it means to be. One of the best shows I’ve seen all year, and an ever-companionate/compassionate to the enth degree host to boot, beautiful Elaine Laforteza and the caring and brill Liv Gorman.
— Airlie Dodds, actor
Generation Women does something remarkable. Not only does it create unbreakable bonds between the women speakers, but it bonds us to the audience. It opened up my world, made me feel brave and empowered—and hey, it was so, so much fun.
— Caroline Leavitt, author
Generation Women is a powerful female-oriented storytelling event that brings people, stories, and humanity together in the same space. It was a delight to read at their debut night and meet with incredibly gifted storytellers and interact with an engaging audience. This is not an event you want to miss!
— Sweta Srivastava Vikram, poet and author

Truly one of the most moving and exhilarating experiences of my life. What you do there is extraordinary, and the energy you gather into that room is palpable. My gratitude for having been included is immense—it was a life-changer for me.
Peternelle van Arsdale, author
— Peternelle van Arsdale, author
I’m still feeling last night’s energy. Loved the love in the room and everyone’s stories were so good! I can’t wait to attend the next one. Thank you for having me. And you women are amazing. JUST KEEP DOING IT!
— Jasmyn Lawson, creator
Your vision is powerful, Georgia. Uniting women across generations as we tell our stories and listen deeply to each other is transformational. Thank you.
— Janice Maffei, playwright
Being a part of Generation Women was an honor. You become the people you surround yourself with, and Generation Women provides a place to surround yourself with powerful and inspiring women of all ages. This show isn’t just a show, it’s a way to better yourself.
— Jennie Runk, model and activist
I dug deeper into my personal story, more than before. This paid off for me personally, and the audience responded in kind. Every storyteller brought her A game. Highly recommend!
— Sharon Spell, comedian
I’d forgotten how essential it is for me to connect with a community of women - of all ages. Thank you, Georgia, for the chance to perform on your stage of safety and possibilities. What an amazing evening!
— Debbie Weil, author
It is hard to express in words the power in the room at Generation Women. But I can tell you what it looks like. Seven women from diverse backgrounds and life experiences bringing a packed house to their feet over and over. Women’s voices and stories are so needed, right now more than ever. Generation Women is the forum.
— Marcia Butler, author